The Perpetual Cash Club is a Community of Dedicated Entrepreneurs that are Working Together to Build A Strong Foundation in ONE Opportunity Using the Club's 2 Strategies and the Business Model of This Opportunity to Potentially Receive $4,100 & $69,700 In


100% Payout!
Daily Pay!
No Monthly Fees - One-Time Purchase
No Personal Sponsoring Required
Club's Strategy of One-Team Link to Create Spillover...EVERYONE Gets 2 PAID Members!
Four Fast 2x2 Matrices...Just 6 to Complete a Level!
Non-splitting, Follow-me Matrices
Automatic Advancement to the Next Level!
We Get PAID On EVERY Level!
  Club's Purchase New Position(s) Strategy from a Earnings, In Addition to New Members, to Keep Moving!
Products: eCourses with Master Resell Rights!
1 Automatic Re-entry When Level 4 Is Completed!
...and much much more!

With our Perpetual Cash Club's Strategies, you will receive a potential $4,100 from 1 completed Position. with 6 Members ALWAYS following you in 4 fast 2x2 non-splitting, follow-me Matrices, and a potential $69,700 from 17 completed Positions all generated from just ONE Position!

$500 - $600 - $3000 = $4,100
$4,100 x 17 Completed
Positions = $69,700 !!!

Our Perpetual Cash Club's 2 Strategies combined with this unique opportunity, has the solutions to the problems we see in home-based businesses that make it difficult if not impossible to earn. These problems are solved with the BEST Features that some but not all programs have, especially not all together in one business!

The Perpetual Cash Club's Leaders are Members of this Opportunity.  The Club and the Strategies were created to enhance the already phenomenal business model of this Opportunity, and is approved by the OwnerThe One Link, which is the Club Leader's Opportunity Link, takes the Pressure Off our Club Members having to Sponsor their 2 Members themselves, and the Club's Purchase Strategy keeps the business moving, so that we not only have New Members joining the Opportunity, but also New 1st Level Purchased Positions, from earnings, filling the Matrix! 

This is our Primary Home-based Business, and we are committed to building a strong foundation in this extremely lucrative Opportunity.  If you agree to our Club's 2 Strategies, you become a Club Member and join this Opportunity and follow the Strategies for Perpetual Cash!

Strategy One:  Club Members Agree to Use One Club Link, which is the Club's Leader's Link for this Opportunity. One Link creates Spillover-No Personal Sponsoring Required as everyone will receive 2 Paid Members. The Club Members also Agree to Share the Club and this Opportunity with others so that we can grow and prosper. All Club Members receive a Club Website Link with their Username...there is NO monthly mandatory hits and NO Tracking. We will let the Member know the subscriber's name who used their link for more information, and then joined the Opportunity as a Paid Member.

Strategy Two:  In order to keep us Moving Forward,
Club Members Agree to Purchase, a set number of positions, of New Level 1 Positions, from Earnings, for Every Level and for Every New Position. These new Level 1 Positions will fall under New Members and under New Positions! Club Members will be earning on several Levels simultaneously and continuously on every new position to receive Perpetual Cash of $4,100 and $69,700!

For more information about our Perpetual Cash Club , and this extremely lucrative Opportunity just fill in the form.
We will send you the very popular eBook, "Secrets of the Millionaire Mind", by T. Harv Eker PLUS his Live Webinar Video, when you confirm your subscription.

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